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Welcome to Exclusive Registrations. Essentially, we are a team of software engineers that, several years ago, recognised an emerging niche in the personalised vehicle registration industry. At the time, the government switched the method of selling new registrations from telesales to online only. This was the beginning of something great.

This change provided an opportunity for Exclusive Registrations to cease upon a new market, securing new DVLA registration numbers online with dedicated software, especially over the first few moments of release. Since the initial development of our system, many improvements have been made enabling us to cope with the intense competition of other dealers and the general public. The competition is most aggressive during the first half an hour from the moment the number plates are made available for purchase. This is the critical period. To date, we have enjoyed unparalleled results and we expect to achieve close to 100% success for the new 19 plates.

We would be most delighted to secure you a new DVLA release registration or simply explain more about our unique service.

If you have any questions about us or our service, please contact us.